Valorization Process

Valorisation is now widely used and accepted in the European educational and training community. Universities disseminating academic know-how to society in general and business in particular for sustainable and active use in systems and practices at local, regional, national and European levels.

Research Unlimited is a Valorisation Partner of the finance departments of Universities. We act as a “distribution channel” of academic research to the professional investment community. Not by redistributing research papers, but by unlocking proven investment models for day-to-day use.

We are committed to bring useful academic investment research to the market quickly. We are dedicated to stay in touch with scientists that are working on investment related research projects, and to bring their quantitative models to the investment community as quickly as possible, by incorporating the models in our Alpha Platform.

We create opportunities for industry sponsored tailored research projects by matching the academic society with our professional investment clients who work for financial institutions, believe in the quantitative approach to investment decision making, and might require tailored academic assistance in developing or validating some of their own investment strategy ideas.