WHAT we do


ü      We search for the best academic trading strategies and we only select strategies
        which have proven to provide solid, robust excess returns adjusted for risk borne.

 ü     We build investment trading models which generate Alpha, all based on
        insightful academic research.

ü      We fully disclose all models by providing the academic research and historic

ü      We provide easy access to our comprehensive database of updated trading

ü      We notify our customers of any trade signals in the models selected .

ü      We provide access to multiple composite portfolios of the chosen trading
models, where each constituent trading model has its own adjustable weighting

ü      We provide a detailed report with the equity curve, the complete historic
        performance, and the trading signals of all
composite portfolios.

ü      As an additional premium service, we optimize any composite portfolio by
        calculating the most advantageous combination of the chosen trading models, 
        each with their optimized weightings.