The Alpha Platform 

Being a successful investor is all about the ability to generate an investment return in excess of the compensation for the risk borne. This so-called Alpha is the true measure of investment skill, and the only valid reason to deviate from buy-and-hold.

Research Unlimited offers a unique and tailor made approach to portfolio selection by providing:
A vast library of trading models from which to choose and/or combine
Transcription of academically based models into functional trading systems
Rigorous screening of models for viability
Final documentation disclosure
Daily updates when any signal is generated by the system
A premium service enabling you  to optimize your chosen combination of portfolios
Preservation of capital in combination with controlled and calculated risk is key in the process. In an increasingly competitive world, we recognize the need to generate robust and stable excess returns for all our clients and theirs in turn, taking into account personal circumstances and appropriate risk appetites.