Annual Subscription Service

Thank you for subscribing to our new Alpha Platform.

If you do not have a customer account, we'll have to create one first. Simply enter your contact details and we will setup a RU Professional account for you within 5 minutes. We will send you a password to login with your email adress.
For this type of subscription you have to choose one out of three Geographic Regions
  - Americas
  - EMEA (Eur,Mid-East, Africa)
  - APAC (Asia, Pacific)
Your annual RU Professional subscription fee entitles you to unlimited access to all present and future models in the database of the region you have chosen. You are are also entitled to build and access three composite portfolios consisting of an unlimited number of models from the region of your choice.
Additional RU Professional subscriptions (also multiple geographic regions) and RU Expert subscriptions (unlimited access to worldwide model database) are eligible for regular discounts. Please check our Subscription Scheme for further details.
We will contact you on short notice to mark your region of choice for the annual RU Professional subscription and to settle for an appointment. Meanwhile we will give you full access to our EMEA Alpha Platform for the next five days.
We will also send you a more detailed background on our business approach and modeling process. In the meantime, please check out our website for more information. We are happy to answer any questions at any time. 

Please contact us by phone or E-mail

In order to process your request swift and acurate, we kindly ask you to fill out this Annual Subscription Form completely.  


Annual Subscription
RU Professional               € 1.195,-- monthly

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