Allocation Process

Some people still think that investment trading is primarily a process of selecting specific investments, but it is our conviction that “stock picking” or “bond picking” should be one of the final steps in this process. 
Consistent with our Investment Philosophy, our emphasis focuses on the distinctive role diversification plays  in the entire investment theatre. Asset class, geographic region, economic sector, - but in particular -  time frame and investment strategy,  are the dimensions we have identified to diversify the model portfolios.
We offer our clients the ability to construct individual investment portfolios of multiple academically based models, each with their own weighting factor and trading characteristics, to adjust risk and to optimize performance in a far better, transparent way than before.

Asset Classes

   - Equities
   - Bonds
   - Money Markets
   - Commodities
   - Real Estate
   - Pan Asset Class

Geographic Regions

  - Americas
  - EMEA (Eur,Mid-East, Africa)
  - APAC (Asia, Pacific)

Time Frames

  - Long
  - Mid Term
  - Short


   - Energy
   - Materials
   - Industrials
   - Consumer Discretionary
   - Consumer Staples
   - Health Care
   - Financials
   - Information Technology
   - Telecommunication Services
   - Utilities Investment


   - Growth
   - Value
   - Income
   - Capitalisation
   - Momentum