Senior Partners

In 2011 Bob Emanuels and Cees Quirijns rejoined forces, commencing their term as Senior Partners at Research Unlimited B.V.

Research Unlimited B.V. was founded in 2003 as a B2B Investment Boutique. Research Unlimited provides Investment Professionals with easy access to a vast library of trading models, which are all based on academically proven research.

Bob Emanuels

Bob is a Senior Asset Manager and Senior Financial Analyst with over 20 years of professional experience in equity analysis, management and sales. His expertise building Institutional and Private Banking Trading/Sales Desks has resulted in Research Unlimited's business expansion. Bob is well known for his outstanding presentation skills.

Bob rejoined Research Unlimited in 2009 after two years with Baron & Filtenborg Capital Management. As one of Research Unlimited's Senior Partners, Bob leads the company and is a member of the Model Development Committee. His previous financial services experience includes positions as CEO at AFS Group and Vice-President at ABN AMRO Bank and Rabobank International in Amsterdam and Utrecht. At ABN AMRO Bank he was responsible for ABN AMRO Trading and the Central Desk Technical Analysis. Previously Bob operated as a Senior Analyst for The Robeco/Rabobank Group and was an Off-Floor Derivatives Trader at the European Options Exchange in Amsterdam.


Cees Quirijns

Cees is a seasoned investment professional with in-depth knowledge of trading model development. Cees has written a variety of articles on the subject and is the Chairman of Research Unlimited’s Model Development Committee, where he oversees the selection and implementation of all academic trading models. 

Cees has spent the last 14 years in Finance. He started his career as a financial markets research analyst for ABN AMRO Bank after finishing the bank’s dealing room traineeship. Cees subsequently worked for several banks and brokerage houses in The Netherlands. There he played a number of different roles as a Senior Research Analyst, Investment Advisor, Institutional Trader and Desk Manager for Professionals Clients.