We believe it’s all about Alpha

How often do resources that are well within our grasp go untapped because we don’t realize their true potential?

Being a successful investor is all about the ability to generate an investment return in excess of the compensation for the risk borne. This so-called Alpha is the true measure of investment skill, and the only valid reason to deviate from buy-and-hold.

Unique approach

Wouldn’t you like to put the world’s best financial scientists to work for you, and to disclose their trading models? And wouldn’t you like to know how their academic investment research can help your customers? We would!

A large amount of sophisticated investment research remained unused up until now. We believe we can make a difference by disclosing these untapped resources to let you generate sustainable Alpha, and to hone your investment skills.


Proven Alpha

Towards this end, we provide investment professionals with easy access to a vast library of proven trading models which generate Alpha, all based exclusively on insightful academic research. Through exploiting the world’s most valuable investment resource we also assist Financial Academics to add social and financial value to their research findings.

Pay us a visit, ask for a demo and see for yourself.